Located in the heart of Lovedale, Emersons Cafe and Restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Below is a classic seafood paella dish from their lunch menu.  This popular venue is a regular stop for our Gourmet Wine Tour.  Bookings are recommended – please call 0249 307 029

Seafood Paella –  Serves 4


16 green prawns
12 fresh black mussels
16 fresh cockles
3 fresh squid
1 chorizo sausage
250g short grain rice
1ltr of chicken stock
200g smoked cured pork
1 Spanish onion
1 small red capsicum
2 cloves garlic
pinch of good saffron strands
salt & pepper to taste


Clean squid and slice into rings, peel prawns and de-vein, wash cockles and de-beard mussels. In a medium paella pan or medium frying pan sauté the dice onion and crushed garlic on a medium heat. Add capsicum, chorizo, pork and sauté for another 5 minutes then add your rice, saffron and add ¼ of chicken stock. Keep adding the remaining stock and all the seafood until rice has absorbed all of the chicken stock. Season to taste and serve.