Wine Tours in the Hunter Valley – old proverb – you get what you pay for

There are so many different types and styles of Wine Tours in the Hunter Valley, that when it comes time to booking one and knowing what tour operator to go with, it can be confusing and can turn something that should be simple and enjoyable into an exercise in frustration. 

The old adage of ‘price is what you pay – value is what you get’ rings through on so many levels.  Or ‘you get what you pay for’ indicating quality increases as the price does.  In other words ‘you get what you pay for’ – another proverb which in commercial transactions means the quality of goods and services increases as the prices increase, ie the more one pays, the better the experience.  At diVine Tours – you can expect an affordable tour without quality being compromised.

The biggest tip we can provide is its important to understand what you are receiving for your money (inclusions) and / or what the total cost of the day is.

We hope this diVine Tours article will help with understanding what makes us a little different and unique – what we do – and what we don’t do!

Private touring at its best

diVine Tours run Private Group Tours – Private Small Group Tours – and Exclusive Private Tours for Couples and Executives.  We weren’t always this way, but feel that was a silver lining that came to our business out of the Covid cloud!

It means we don’t run tours where we mix couples or people that don’t know each other to make up a tour group, avoiding those awkward moments of making conversation on the tour or at mixed lunches.

Our tours are run only for groups that know each other in the form of a family – work – sport – friends – associates.

We don’t do the ‘hop on and off’ tours like a bus service or a taxi or shuttle service – where you must take all your belongings with you at each stop.  We don’t run set tours that go to the same wineries and cellars doors where the client has no choice as often there can be hidden and inflated prices for these experiences.

Our product and reputation is set upon the ethos of serving our clients and ensuring that you tour safely, to an itinerary that is set based on your personal preferences – while also offering suggestions that where we think it will enhance your tour experience.

In essence, we offer a travel agent style service that designs tours specific to your group and ensure that the detail of Tour and bookings is fulfilled properly. 

The vehicle and driver are dedicated to your group for the Tour – and the driver will act as a concierge at each venue to ensure the bookings and your tour runs as smoothly and as enjoyably as they can in planning and on the day.

In fact the driver will go that extra mile (excuse the pun) if within your tour time something extra is required – the driver will organise it for you and help create a hospitable and enjoyable day for all.

Customisation of your tour

As our Tours are for Private Groups diVine Tours customise every tour specific to the requirements of the group and or couple. This process is a little lengthy from first contact but designed to ensure we have understood what you are asking for, and clarifying all questions along the way.

No tour is the same and we do the hard leg work in helping you plan your Tour.  Once the ideal itinerary is agreed, we make the bookings for you to ensure you get the maximum experience for your private group tour experience.  

We also help you manage your times throughout the day, to ensure your day is as laid back and relaxing as possible.

Costs transparency

diVine Tours provide you with an accurate and total cost of your Tour – inclusive of all tasting fees – experiences and dining options chosen by you.

There are no hidden costs, or add ons, or unwelcome surprises on the day – we ensure the tour runs stress free for all.

Cellar Doors and Wineries have implemented tasting fees for some time now and, like everything, the cost can rise from time to time. As a tour operator we pride ourselves on our transparency from the very first correspondence – on what it will cost the group and per person – based on your selection of experiences and itinerary.

We are also very practical and realistic and will always advise if your budget is in-line with your desired experiences and itinerary.

In short, we take the hard work out of planning and booking the day so that you know you will get what you want – a transparent and full understanding of the cost – and you can sit back and relax in a day out in the wine country.

Our experience matters

diVine Tours have been operating for over 17 years and over that time we have built and forged some very strong relationship and contacts in the Hunter Valley. We tour large and small boutique wineries and can provide many different experiences off the beaten track.

We will help you find places and experiences that are not ‘run of the mill’ and that suit your desired taste and experience. There is so much more to see in the Hunter than along the two main roads of the lower Hunter Valley wine country.

Day touring from Sydney – Central Coast – Newcastle – Hunter Valley

diVine Tours pick up from Central Coast – Newcastle – Sydney – and the vast Hunter Valley region.

At diVine Tours we totally understand that you want to be able to access the Hunter Valley without having to drive your private tour party around the country so that you can also enjoy the day – even if you are not tasting. 

We cater in our vehicles for longer trips back and forth to the Hunter Valley and there is always a bit of fun and a sing-a-long on the bus or exclusive vehicles.

Our aim the is to make the trip getting to and from the Hunter Valley an experience as well.

For more information about our Tour customisation, cost, or experiences off the beaten track – contact us through our website or by calling and we will show you the Hunter Valley like you have never experienced it before.

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